Epic Games Store: What is the Mystery Game for May 27th? Leak and predictions explored

Epic Games Store: What is the Mystery Game for May 27th? Leak and predictions explored

Epic Games Store: What is the Mystery Game for May 27th? Leak and predictions explored

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The Epic Games Store gives away lots of freebies with the current free game on offer being NBA 2K21. This title was a Mystery Game set for May 20th, and it was leaked ahead of its reveal. However, with the next title set to be uncovered in just a couple of days, some people are asking: what is the Epic Games Store Mystery Game for May 27th? Here you’ll find an alleged leak as well as an exploration of some predictions.

In addition to the current free offering of NBA 2K21, know that the EGS Mega Sale has also begun with discounts for the likes of Cyberpunk 2077. The Mega Sale will last until June 17th, so be sure to take advantage of it for fantastic titles such as the Kingdom Hearts series, Immortals Fenyx Rising, and more.

While the EGS Mega Sale will last for a few more weeks, below you’ll find some predictions as to what the next Epic Games Store freebie will be for May 27th.

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What is the next free Epic Game?

The next free Epic Games Store title is a Mystery Game that will be revealed on May 27th.

This next free Epic Game will be revealed at 16:00 BST and will replace NBA 2K21.

NBA 2K21 was a surprise to hear of at first, and it was leaked on Twitter by Hypex.

Its inclusion made sense in retrospect thanks to the NBA and Fortnite crossover, but no significant leaks have appeared for the May 27th enigma as of yet.

There was an alleged Epic Games Store Mystery Game leak posted on the Gaming Leaks and Rumours subreddit, but it was quickly debunked by the community.

The listed titles in the leak are said to stem from a YouTube video of predictions, and the community was quick to point out that the listed games were mainly just franchises.

We will update this article if any credible leaks appear before the reveal.

What is the Epic Games Store Mystery Game?

The Epic Games Store Mystery Game for May 27th hasn’t been revealed or leaked.

However, one prediction for the Epic Games Store Mystery Game for May 27th is Tomb Raider.

It could be any of the recent Tomb Raider games such as the 2013 reboot, Rise, or Shadow, but the prediction comes because of Lara Croft’s inclusion in the Fortnite Battle Pass.

Not only that, but the three titles are also heavily discounted on Steam as of writing, and either of the three games would meet the alleged Mystery Game requirements and rules of not being on the Epic Games Store.

Tomb Raider feels a good prediction because of the above, but there is a Definitive Survivor Trilogy on PlayStation and Xbox which includes all three instalments.

This package isn’t sold on Steam, but maybe it’ll come to the Epic Games Store seeing as none of the previous Tomb Raider games are on the EGS.

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