Xbox’s 20th anniversary museum exposes all your gaming secrets

Xbox’s 20th anniversary museum exposes all your gaming secrets

Have you always wondered what your life-long Xbox statistics are? Well, you’re in luck, as Xbox has just released an interactive online museum that allows you to explore all your gaming history.

This year Xbox has reached its 20th birthday and to celebrate, the gaming giant has created its very own metaverse-inspired museum. The Meta-museum allows gamers to wander through a number of online exhibitions including exhibits on all four of the Xbox consoles, the Halo series and your very own personal gaming stats from throughout the years. If you haven’t got your hands on your very own console yet, then check out our roundup of the best Xbox deals

The Xbox Museum is jam-packed with stats and stories from over the years, but there is one section in particular that has piqued gamers’ interests the most. The ‘My Xbox Museum’ section reveals stats from your gaming history and we feel totally exposed. Now we can see our most-played games, the awards we have won and gamer points along with many other facts and figures. It’s like the Spotify Wrapped of gaming, and we love having such a personal insight into our gaming. Shamefully, our most played game is Fortnite – even if it is the meme of the gaming world, we still love it.

We also love the look of the Xbox Museum, with its 3D design and its iconic Xbox neon green colouring. Its futuristic aesthetic makes us believe that perhaps one day we will see a fully-fledged Xbox-themed metaverse. (If you have no idea what we’re talking about, check out our guide to the metaverse).

It seems as though many gamers are also loving looking back on their gaming history. Users over on Twitter have been complimenting Xbox on its meta-museum with one user posting, “So cool to see these memories preserved,” and another tweeting, “This is so cool”.

We are loving exploring the meta-museum and think it adds a really nice touch to Xbox’s celebrations. If you’re loving these gaming stats, but don’t have a console, then check out our best games consoles available on the market. But if you’re well-versed in the art of video games, then why not have a look at our roundup of the best gaming monitors and enhance your gaming experience?

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