Xbox Games Showcase Is An Hour-Long Focus On Series X Titles


The next Xbox Games Showcase will be an hour long and focus exclusively on games for the Xbox Series X . The last time Microsoft held a game reveal event for its next-gen console, it served to announce a few previously unknown games but was blasted by viewers for […]

In many ways, Microsoft has come out ahead of Sony when it comes to next-gen reveals. The Xbox Series X was the first to have its games, technical specs, and the actual appearance and size of the console out in the open. One area where Microsoft is still lagging is games. While the Xbox Series X again beat the PlayStation 5 to the punch in revealing new games, the PS5 event was far more successful, while the Xbox Series X presentation was so poorly received that Microsoft actually apologized for it online afterward.

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Microsoft will likely be trying to turn that narrative around with its upcoming Xbox Games Showcase, which was previously revealed to be taking place on July 23rd. It may sound obvious that the Xbox Games Showcase would show off a lot of Xbox games, but apparently rumors about what it would contain have been getting out of hand. Microsoft’s general manager of Xbox games marketing Aaron Greenberg recently took to Twitter to address the “wild expectations” surrounding the show and clarify that it will be completely focused on games and won’t feature announcements about the Xbox Series X consoles itself or any other type of news.

How Microsoft will be filling most of its hour-long presentation is still mostly a mystery, but some of the games that will be shown there have already been confirmed. Microsoft says that the event will feature the first gameplay from the campaign of Halo Infinite and highlights the presence of Xbox Game Studios. That means that games from the multiple studios that Microsoft has recently acquired – including Obsidian Entertainment and Ninja Theory – are likely to make an appearance. One of those recent acquisitions, Double Fine, says that its Psychonauts 2 will show up during the presentation.

There’s a lot riding on the upcoming Xbox Games Showcase, as it will give Microsoft a chance to prove that it’s got the software to compete with Sony’s PS5 and show what its recent developer acquisition spree has gotten it. One thing that’s certain to come from the event is a lot more gameplay footage than the Inside Xbox presentation back in May, not that that’s a particularly high bar.

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