Steam has become exhausting

Steam has become exhausting

Here’s what I want Steam to be: a place where I can easily and conveniently find games I wish to buy, buy them, and access them. I do not believe Valve and I’s outlook on this aligns. Valve seem to have some small interest in Steam performing these functions, […]

That passion for sociology has translated into a fondness for crowd-sourcing solutions to problems, rather than simply paying professionals to do them. Thus bizarre new problems have been created, from review-bombing and malicious tagging, to genuine crimes like money laundering, unlicensed gambling, and fake games that hijack your computer to mine cryptocurrency. For the most part, the original issues that were supposed to be solved are still present.

I’m tired, of all of it. When the big sales come around, I’m not excited like I used to be. Instead I only feel wary—what treadmill is Valve trying to suck me into this time? Even as someone who spends huge chunks of both his professional and personal life on the platform, I still struggle to keep up, or understand its idiosyncrasies. My mum has been getting into games over the last few years, and I’ve had to try and explain it all to her as she goes, which has only served to make it seem even more ludicrous. No one should have to have a conversation with their mother about how to sell digital trading cards.

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