Selk’bag, The Original Wearable Sleeping Bag… For Gaming

Selk'bag, The Original Wearable Sleeping Bag… For Gaming

I’m what you’d call a fall and winter weather freak. When I was little, I’d even walk around the house with a sleeping bag unzipped and draped around my shoulders. My closet is filled with sweaters, fleeces, hoodies, and of course, the ever-popular onesie. So when I was sent a Selk’bag Lite 6G to review and test for gaming-comfort, I was absolutely stoked. I may love being cozy (who doesn’t?), but that doesn’t bias my review. I put the ‘original wearable sleeping bag’ through the paces as a ‘gamer essential’ and I have to say, I’m impressed.

Selk'bag = total gaming comfort.
Selk’bag = total gaming comfort.

I’m putting my own pictures in here even though it’s probably like..the eighth-most ridiculous looking thing I’ve put on my body this year. It may get you a few weird stares if you stream with it on, but let me tell you, you’ll be so cozy that you won’t even care. Yes, it is that comfortable that I’m posting pictures on the internet to remain forever.

It's also great for sleeping - nap anywhere! Just not in the middle of a match.
It’s also great for sleeping – nap anywhere! Just not in the middle of a match.

As far as downsides go, if you wear it with the feet on, it’s hard to walk in, especially as I get up frequently for refreshments (yes, I know I should have a stockpile of snacks before I start a game, but I also am a noob without a mini-fridge by my desk and therefore have to go into the kitchen anyway). However, I don’t think it’s designed for having the feet on for anything other than sleeping, so that works out anyway. It’s really my only complaint along with the fact that it’s not cold enough to wear it year-round, but that one is on the weather.

Honestly, probably one of the biggest pros to this is the versatility; want to watch a movie safely outside and not have to mess with a blanket or giant coat? Just wear this – it’s like a coat for your whole body. Going camping but always end up twisting your sleeping bag around you and then wake up panicking that you’re an orange being juiced by a grizzly bear as part of a balanced breakfast? This baby’s got you covered. But for real – I love it for sitting in my drafty apartment and not having to mess with sweaters and blankets that fall off when I rage at being killed by Genji for like…the 5th time in a row.Versatility and comfort!

I’m a complete sweater aficionado, but as much as I love sweaters, they don’t cover my legs, and pants or leggings are so restrictive – like those wicker finger trap toys but for your legs. I like the Selk’bag because it’s loose enough to give freedom of movement and not make my legs feel like fabric-cased sausages but it still fits and I’m not swimming in it. All in all, this makes an excellent cold-weather comfort companion. If I had to pick a single feature about the Selk’bag I love most, that would be its ability to double as an Among Us cosplay suit – just pair it with a tinted face shield and you’re good to go be sus, safe, and comfy all at the same time!Make all the other crew members suspicious of your comfort.

Selk’bag ships super quick and makes a great holiday gift option for ultimate gaming comfort – especially if you’re gaming from a drafty basement.

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