The Polymega is Retro Gaming Bliss With a Modern Spin

The Polymega is Retro Gaming Bliss With a Modern Spin

The Polymega is Retro Gaming Bliss With a Modern Spin

One of the biggest hassles with video game collecting is having to switch between consoles every time you want to play a particular game. The constant rotation of video game consoles has been bogging down the hobby for quite some time. Thankfully, the endless cycle may be coming to an end with the release of the Polymega. The innovative new system allows retro fans to enjoy most of their classic video games on one great console.

The Polymega is the perfect system for video game collectors. The base system runs most classic CD-based games, including the PS1, TurboGrafx-CD, Sega Saturn, Sega CD and more. Users can buy additional modules to play cartridge-based games as well. The Polymega can even play Japanese and fan-made games, giving the system one of the most expansive libraries in history.

One of the coolest aspects of the Polymega is how it downloads each game users put into the system. Players load a disk or cartridge in the Polymega and wait for the game to download to the system. Once the system rips the game, players can choose to play the physical version, or take out the CD or cartridge and play it digitally. This is great for video game collectors who want to play expensive games from their library but don’t want to risk damaging the title. Some retro games are worth hundreds of dollars, so having the option to play these games digitally is a huge step forward for video game preservation.

The Polymega also supports several third-party controllers. Users can decide to use the system default controller or change things up with their favorite retro gamepad. Many of the classic mini controllers are compatible with the Polymega, as are some more modern controllers. Players can even use a wired Xbox 360 controller if they desire. This will allow players to feel like they are playing a game on the system it came out for. It is a nice little feature that will enhance a player’s gaming experience even more.

Like any revolutionary video game system, the Polymega does have a few minor setbacks. The system has some trouble playing a few select games due to some BIOS issues. Some cutscene might skip or cut off abruptly, causing some frustration among users. The good news is Playmaji, the Polymega’s creator, frequently updates the console to iron out any issues the system faces. It is important to note that the console is still in the beta phase and isn’t available to the public until later this year. Playmaji promises to fix many of these issues before the Polymega launches this holiday season.

The Polymega is shaping up to be a retro gamer’s dream console. It can play tons of classic games from a variety of iconic retro systems. The fact that gamers can customize a majority of the Polymega to fit their gaming needs is also a huge selling point for the console. It will be interesting to see what additional modules Playmaji will release for the system later on down the line. Many gamers can’t wait to see what the Polymega has in store once it launches this November.

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