Games getting too expensive? Here are the best sites for free videogames

Games getting too expensive? Here are the best sites for free videogames


Steam is one of the most popular digital storefronts for PC gamers that also has social media features and community message boards. While a lot of the games are paid, the platform also offers an extensive library of free-to-play titles. Searching for titles is easy using the search bar atop. The platform also lets you browse genre-wise. You can download the Steam application on Windows, Mac, Linux, and even ChromeOS.

Epic Games

The Epic Games Store is developed by the same people who developed Fortnite. While the platform’s library isn’t as large as Steam’s, it has its exclusives. The store also stands out in that it distributes a free game every week. You may not always land yourself a AAA title but the weekly handouts sure have their moments. Then there are also games that remain free come what may, such as Fortnite, Valorant, League of Legends, and Rocket League.


If you prefer downloading games the old-fashioned way – installing .exe files and whatnot – then MegaGames will be a blast from the past. Founded in 1998, the site bills itself as a “comprehensive hardcore gaming resource” that also covers news and offers trainers, mods, and patches. You can access a slew of titles readily available for download from the Freeware section.


GOG (formerly Good Old Games) is another great source for free games. The site specialises in classic titles for both console and PC. The homepage may give you the impression that the site offers only paid games but there’s a dedicated “Free Games Collection” section as well, filled with games guaranteed to instil nostalgia.

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Prime Gaming

Prime Gaming, which only recently became available in India, follows in Epic Games’ footsteps by giving away a free game every week. All you need to do to get started is subscribe to Amazon Prime, which is an absolute steal considering it also fetches you video and music streaming services, along with online shopping perks.

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