Fortnite: Marauders Ruining Games For Everyone

Fortnite: Marauders Ruining Games For Everyone

Fortnite battle royale Chapter 2 Season 3 is taking a step towards its completion. As we have already seen, the water level has dropped substantially, making a lot of areas available. We have also been patient about the new POI named Atlantis. All of the hints point to the […]

With all these changes and updates coming in Fortnite, one might wonder what is going on with the AI. For instance, the AI in the game has become more dynamic. Earlier, pros and competitive players never expressed so much grief over AI ruining the game. Although, as of now, Fortnite is ruined by Marauders and sharks.

The fact that makes it top the list. With respect to AI, Epic Games have always struggled to strike a balance.

Marauders, Sharks ruining Fortnite

Previously, we had noticed how several content creators complained about Marauders becoming super aggressive. Enough to hunt players down and shoot them with snipers midair. While this seems highly unfair, it is a part of the game. Today, Fortnite posted a feed on Twitter. It was an example of what happens when Marauders spawn/drop right beside you.

The battle royale genre has been ruling the gaming scene for quite a while now.…

There is a flipside to having both Marauders and Sharks in the game. With Sharks, one can actually turn it into a vehicle to navigate the map. With Marauders, killing them can bring out some extremely rewarding loot.

Tracking, following, hunting and griefing games

There has to be a certain balance with the AI aspect of any game. Currently, the Marauders are too tough, but that’s not all. Tracking, following, and almost sniffing out where a player is hiding, that really shows their true potential. This is one of the prime reasons people are asking for them to be nerfed or removed from the game.

Epic Games really need to do something about it before the community has enough of it. Although, making a post indicates that Marauders are here to stay for a while. Thus, the best we can do is keep a weather eye on the sky and look out for any meteors dropping. In case they drop near us, build, run, jump, launch; do whatever you can to escape the Marauders early in the game.

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