Fortnite Lets 3 Incredibly Violent Gaming Legends Roast Marshmallows Together

Fortnite Lets 3 Incredibly Violent Gaming Legends Roast Marshmallows Together

A fan-made Fortnite crossover that shows three of the deadliest video game legends hanging out while roasting marshmallows caught the attention of players. Fortnite has had multiple crossovers throughout the years, which often add skins mostly based on popular gaming franchises, TV shows, and movies.

Fortnite recently released Chapter 4, Season 1, which introduced new skins, weapons, and graphics built on Unreal Engine 5.1. One of the biggest crossovers announced for this season was Doom, which includes a Doomguy skin, a Cacodemon glider, and a Crucible Blade from Doom Eternal as a harvesting tool. Players would have to reach level 26 on the battle pass to unlock the Doomguy skin.

Skins based on iconic video game characters have become popular among Fortnite players, especially if they’re fans of the characters’ titles. Some of them might seem out of place because Epic Games would introduce characters who are known to be violent. Apart from Doomguy, God of War‘s Kratos and Halo‘s Master Chief also made their debut in Chapter 2, which created the holy trinity of deadly video game characters in the battle royale shooter. But a player named Odinram97 decided to share a wholesome scene on Reddit: Doomguy, Kratos, and Master Chief sitting on picnic chairs around a bonfire and roasting marshmallows as the sun sets.

The comments section was equally entertaining as players created dialogue for all three characters. Many said that it would be the quietest bonfire ever with lots of grunting and one-liners. Gamers also praised the Fortnite photo, saying it “went hard” and that they would use it as their PC wallpaper. Meanwhile, some said they hoped Fortnite would bring back the Kratos and Master Chief skins, so they could buy it from the in-game store.

Fortnite fans also pointed out that Gerald of Rivia from The Witcher should also be part of the wholesome scene. After all, he is also a strong, fearsome warrior who fights evil forces. Perhaps an updated photo would be uploaded in the future once Odinram97 or another player finds the opportunity.

With Fortnite now in Chapter 4, players are treated with many gameplay and visual improvements. Of course, it also isn’t a Fortnite game without over-the-top mechanics, and the new season has it in the form of the Shockwave Hammer. There will be a lot of expectations for Fortnite Chapter 4, and a barrage of impressive crossovers will most likely be one of them.

Fortnite is currently available for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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